Changing Lives

Starbucks Trinidad & Tobago partners with the Gift For Life Foundation a registered non-profit organisation focused on underprivileged children and youth at Children’s Homes and poor families across Trinidad and Tobago.

Their current reach is over 50 charities and can contact any charity Starbucks /Prestige community partners recommend in the areas near our stores. Their activities are monthly and the events are carried out for more than one home. This shows the level of activity and involvement.

It is important for our partners to contribute to civic society and developing empathy as a key skill at work, at home and in our communities. Equally, the kids need urgent attention in preparing them for independence and addressing their emotional needs in Attention, Understanding, Structure, Expressed Love and Validation as outlined by the Gift for Life Foundation

Join as a volunteer and view their calendar of events:


Starbucks SouthPark Mall

Hope Center, San Fernando


Hope Centre is a charitable non-profit organisation for abused and abandoned children. Since 1992, the home has taken care of children and prepared them for life after the home. Baristas at Starbucks Southpark partnered with the Hope Center in August 2016 and made contributions towards the development of the home. Baristas in SouthPark continue to make connections with the kids throughout the year.


Starbucks Movietowne

Marian House, Port of Spain

Since, 1987, Marian House, run by the Living Water Catholic community, is a live-in programme for teenage boys who are at the age to leave orphanages to better transition into independent living.  Starbucks Movietowne Baristas partnered with Marian House in October 2016 and have hired one of the boys who have joined the team. The store continues to encourage Marian House and employment opportunity


Starbucks Endeavour, Chaguanas

Jayalakshmi Children’s Home, Chaguanas

In November 2016, Starbucks Endeavour partnered with Jayalakshmi Children’s home in Longdenville.  The average ages of the kids are four to fourteen years of age. After school homework help is often requested. Baristas visited the kids during after school snack period and will continue to build connections with them.


Starbucks, Gulf City Mall

Fearndean’s Children’s Home, Point Fortin

In May 2017, Baristas from Starbucks Gulf City store partnered with Fearndean’s Children’s Home in Point Fortin. The average ages of the kids are six to fifteen years of age. The kids were the first customers in the store with a private event that included a magician and face painting activities. Baristas will continue to develop their relationship with the home and look at opportunities to volunteer and support.


Starbucks, Munroe Road

Chickland Children’s Home, Couva (formerly known as Wesleyan Children’s Home)

Our most recent community partnership in August 2017 is with Chickland Children’s Home. Formerly called Wesleyan Children’s Home, Chickland Children’s Home is supported by the Wesleyan Holiness Church nearby. The kids here love music and take part in classes on Saturdays. Baristas welcomed them to the store for a private party and they will continue to build their relationship with the kids.