The perfect gift for Starbucks fans.

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Congratulations or the ultimate way to say Thank You.


The Starbucks Gift Card is a convenient way for you to pay for your purchase. They make great gifts too!

  • Once a customer activates a card it is ready to use.
  • The Starbucks Card can be used to make purchases just as you would use cash or a credit card but is even easier and faster.
  • When the balance gets low the Starbucks Card can be reloaded with more money.
  • Once a customer registers their Starbucks Card their balance is protected if their Starbucks Card is lost or stolen.


Why Starbucks Gift Card?

  • Customers have told us that they love Starbucks cards because they are able to make purchases faster and easier.
  • The Starbucks Card is fun, unique and with different designs they are collectible.
  • Perfect for a holiday or celebration for friends, family, co-workers or staff.



  • There is no application form, activation fee or usage fee.
  • The Starbucks Card never expires.
  • The Starbucks Card has no value until it is activated.
  • Activation is immediate.
  • Customers can register their Starbucks Card by calling Customer Care at 800-4SBX to protect the balance.



  • A receipt will print with every transaction.
  • You can use a Starbucks Card as split-payment with a credit card or cash.
  • You can use a Starbucks Card during any transaction.
  • During a transaction, if the Starbucks Card balance does not cover the total, the difference can be paid using any other method of payment.


Balance Inquiry

  • The balance is in real-time.
  • Balance inquiry is possible in-store, or by contacting the Starbucks Card Customer Care team. If there is a balance dispute, you will need to contact the Customer Care team.



  • The Starbucks Card can be reloaded anytime.
  • The Starbucks Card can be reloaded during a purchase.
  • You can check the balance and load additional funds in the same transaction.